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Otago Maths Competition

Contact: Mr Mark Pearson     

                Whaea Prem Rauf  

  • Term: 1, 2, 3

  • Venue: Team Toru

  • Set 1: 11/04

        Set 2: 16/05

        Set 3: 20/06

        Set 4: 25/07

        Set 5: 22/08

  • Fee: $1 per student, for all the tests.

  • All five sets are held on Thursdays

  • 2019 registration opens on 22 February and closes before the end of March.

  • Problem Challenge is a mathematics problem solving competition aimed primarily at children in years 7 and 8 but may be of interest to mathematically gifted children in year 6. It has been offered to schools throughout New Zealand for the past 25 years. The response to the competition has been overwhelmingly positive. Approximately half a million New Zealand children have participated in the competition over the years.

  • Children participating in the competition attempt to answer five questions in 30 minutes on each of five problem sheets, which are done about a month apart. They do the problems individually.

  • As in previous years there will be a Problem Challenge each month from April to August, spaced at about five week intervals. Students who score at least 80% are invited to take part in the final challenge.

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