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Ākonga Mai Tāwāhi

International Students

For information regarding International Students Please contact Aaron West at or +64 7 855 7596 

International student comments about Peachgrove Intermediate School

  • The teachers are really kind to students. They speak politely. They help me when I’m struggling with work.


  • The playground is big and has real grass!  We play a lot of sports, have challenges and do exercise.  


  • Peachgrove is an awesome school, the staff and teachers here are all amazing. They support you, they take care of you and they teach you some things you will never forget!


  • At Peachgrove we have a set of values called PRIDE values .(Positive, Respectful, Inclusive, Determined, Engaged). The values always remind you of what you have to do and how to be a good role model.


  • As an International student I really like Peachgrove because everyone here just treated you very nicely and they always supported you.


  • I did fit in to Peachgrove easily. The teachers in my class were very supportive, especially in my first few weeks of school. My peers helped me whether I had a question about maths or where everything in the school was.


  • I really enjoyed Year 8 camp, it was the first camp I had ever been to and I had a lot of fun spending time with my Year 8 companions!


  • No matter which class you are in you will always be helped and supported by your friends and teachers.

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