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EOTC - Education outside the classroom

In EOTC, the progression of learning tasks, activities and events must be carefully designed to gradually increase complexity and challenge in relation to the students’ readiness and capabilities. tasks, activities and events must also be carefully sequenced to build the confidence and skills necessary in an appropriate progression that scaffolds safe learning.

Examples of EOTC activities in 2020 and 2021 include

Year 7 Camp

Our Year 7 students attend a two-night camp at the Christian Youth Camp in Ngaruawahia with their classmates and teachers. The camp focuses on students building skills that will help them 

  • break down barriers that limit engagement in learning

  • develop personal and interpersonal skills - "getting to know" each other better

  • enjoy contributing to team-building and fun-giving activities that scaffold safe learning

Year 8 Camp

Our Year 8 students attend a two-night camp at Tui Ridge Camp in Rotorua. Tui Ridge offers excellent facilities and is an opportunity to really challenge and build our Year 8 students’ confidence, skills and experiences.

Our goal is to have all our Year 8 students attend this camp. Many former students have rated their Year 8 camp experience as a highlight of their time at Peachgrove Intermediate.

Sports Camp

Sports Camp is an opportunity for students to learn, practise skills and gain attitudes and values in an environment outside the classroom.

Whole School Marae Visit

Every year, the whole school are hosted by students and kaiako from our bilingual unit.


The purpose of this experience is to teach and foster the kaupapa of Te Ao Maori for all students and staff and to help them appreciate Maori and Tainui Kawa (customs). 

In class, all teams learn and practise the kawa of whakatau and the process of being a guest when welcomed onto a Marae, prior to their visit.


Students learn to Karanga, Korero, Waiata and Haka as part of their cultural experience   

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