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Team Toru - GaTE Class

Team Toru is a GaTE (gifted and talented education) class that is a learning environment for students who exceed academically and who are determined to do their best in terms of education.


In the GaTE class, we receive a variety of learning opportunities, such as ICAS tests, Otago maths, Waimaths, Baymaths, Science Fair, Spelling Bee Competition. The GaTE class specialises in developing our talents in cultural awareness, leadership roles, sports and academics.


Students are expected to participate in a variety of wider school activities. In Team Toru we are privileged to have opportunities for excursion trips to enhance our learning. The teachers in Team Toru are facilitators of learning. Students are encouraged to be self-motivated and self-directed learners.


Independent projects given by the teachers help us to be fully prepared for high school. This class is recommended for students who are passionate about learning and who wish for a bright future.

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