STUDENT UNIFORM Requirements 2016

Only the correct Peachgrove school uniform may be worn – as detailed below. Please refer to the photographs. Uniform can be purchased at:

Direct Group 115 Ellis Street, Frankton, HAMILTON – phone 07 8476664http://shop.directgroup.co.nz/ (username:Peachgrove password: Uniform) *Please note this is case sensitive. “Capital P & U.”

Items with this symbol * may be bought anywhere

Girls – Compulsory

Black Skirt
School Polo
School Polar Fleece jacket
Plain white ankle (visible above the ankle) socks or black stockings / tights *
Black Roman Sandals and/or Black lace-up shoes (no white soles/stitching or coloured logos; not T-bar shoes, straps or boots) *

Boys – Compulsory

Grey shorts *
School Polo
School Polar Fleece jacket
Black knee high socks with maroon band
Black Roman Sandals and/or Black lace-up shoes (no white soles/stitching or coloured logos, nor straps or boots) *

PE uniform for Girls and Boys – Compulsory

Plain Black shorts *
School Black/Gold PE polo

Optional Items

Black school jacket with gold PRIDE lion
Plain black hat *
Plain black scarf *
Plain black track pants *

Other Information

Hair must be clean and tidy, kept off the face and tied back if below the polo collar. Shaved hair cut designs are not permitted.
Hair must be its natural colour. Dyed hair is not permitted.
Hair accessories must be black, white or maroon.
Nails must be short, clean and free of polish.
A watch and one pair of small stud earrings may be worn.
A necklace, wristband or bracelet of cultural and/or religious significance may be worn with Principal approval.

We understand that there may be valid reasons for requests for alternative clothing items to be worn. Please address such requests in writing to the Principal.

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