Student Services

Peachgrove Intermediate offers a range of services to assist our families and students to ensure that they can ‘Learn Without Limits’. Below is a range of the services offered with a brief outline of what the service entails and the contact details of the people who can assist you further.

English Language Learners (ELLS)

The school caters for the development of English, both oral and written, for students whose first language is not English. ELLs staff are happy to provide support material for the student in class. Teacher Aide support is available for some students, in class. First language support is sometimes available. To access this service refer to the contact form below and the appropriate people will help you.

Active Learning Centre

This space is a combination of services offered by the school. In the Active Learning Centre you will find our SENCO Co-Ordinator, the Learning Assistants and our ELLS staff. The Active Learning Centre is located in A Block.

Student Counsellor

This service is offered to students who want to discuss topics with the Guidance Counsellor. Teachers and family can access this service for students by making contact with the Assistant Principal. The school will be hosting trainee Guidance Counsellors for a couple of days a week.

Special Education Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO)

Peachgrove offers the service of accessing other avenues of support for our students. The SENCO role is to support students to access support for their schooling. This can be done by using in school services and people or applying to external agencies for assistance. Contact the office or use the form below if you would like to discuss this further.

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