Please note the following before you send your child to school after they have been unwell.


Illness Recommended Recovery Time
Vomiting Until 24 hours after last vomit, and managed to keep food down
Diarrhoea Until 24 hours after last runny bowel motion
Conjunctivitis Until eye discharge has ceased
Measles For at least four days after onset of rash
Whooping Cough For five days after antibiotics treatment commenced
Mumps For nine days or when swelling has gone
Chicken Pox For seven days from the onset of the rash and scabs are gone
School sores / Impetigo For 48 hours after antibiotics started
Infectious discharge / Uncovered lesions Until 24 hours after treatment has started and/or discharge has ceased
Streptococcal Throat For 48 hours after antibiotics started
General Anaesthetic Allow 48 hours to be fully alert
Cold / Flu Symptoms Until temperature has returned to normal and the nose is clear
Ears Until discharge or pain has ceased
General unwellness /
Unfit state for learning
Until symptoms cease (e.g. at least 24 hours after last high temperature – above 37.5 degrees) and student is in a fit state to be involved in full school day’s activities

Should your child need to bring medication to school this should be handed into the office and a medication form should be filled in and signed by the parent/caregiver.

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