Positive Behaviour for Learning

At Peachgrove Intermediate School, we believe everyone has the right to teach and to learn in a safe, secure environment, uninterrupted by the behaviour of others.

To this end, Peachgrove Intermediate School implements school-wide Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) to create a culture where positive behaviour allows learning to thrive. This involves the explicit teaching of desired behaviours, supported by a school-wide behaviour management programme based around the principles of natural justice, restorative practice and where appropriate, assertive discipline.

Students who follow the rules or demonstrate our school values will receive positive consequences, while those who choose to break the rules may receive negative consequences and/or a loss of privilege, such as not being able to participate in school mufti days, or attend class outings. Where the behaviour involves a breakdown in relationship, all efforts will be made to restore the relationship in accordance with the principles of restorative practice.

PB4L at Peachgrove Intermediate

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