Does the school have an enrolment zone?

Yes . It is not operating at present. All students will be accepted.


Will my child be accepted for enrolment if we live out of zone?

Yes. At present there is room for all enrolments to be accepted whether students are in or out of zone.


Do I have to have a copy of my child’s birth certificate, immunisation and proof of address when I hand the enrolment in?

No. The enrolment can be accepted whilst you are waiting to get copies of the documentations you need. These will need to be handed in though at a later date.


Where do I get uniforms from?

Our uniform supplier is Direct Group. More information can be found under the information tab > uniforms. You need a username and password to access the online store which is found on the uniform page.


What is BYOD? What devices do you use? What are chromebooks?

BYOD is Bring Your Own Device which means we welcome any internet capable devices like smartphones, tablets, chromebooks and laptops. We will use whatever it is that you bring along.

Chromebooks are the schools preferred device as they are sturdier and provide the student with the ability to work comfortably in an online environment. For more information about chromebooks please visit the information page > BYOD & Chromebooks


What are specialist classes and do you provide these at Peachgrove?

Specialist classes are classes that have a special character or something more than the ordinary.

In 2017 we provide a variety of specialist classes. This information can be found on the enrolment home page. You can find out about these by clicking here


What is the process for international students?

We warmly welcome all prospective students to our school. If you are an international student one of our staff will help with any queries. If you use the contact form at the bottom of the page someone will contact you directly.

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