The Peachgrove Korowai

Our Curriuclum

The Peachgrove Korowai represents our curriculum of knowledge, traditions, ideals, values and principles.

Our students will be cloaked in the wisdom, learning, aroja and support of the Peachgrove community.

The Peachgrove Korowai identifies all which we deliver here at Peachgrove Intermediate.

First Learn to Serve

Our school motto is steeped in tradition. The motto is derived from a speech delivered by the Governor General Viscount Cobham;

“Leadership can only be exercised by those who have learned self-discipline. Nobody can learn to lead who has not first learned to serve”.

The Whenu

Our whenu are the desired traits we want our learners to embody. The whenu are the strands that weave together our learning. At Peachgrove our whenu are;

  • to be a communicator
  • to be self-regulating
  • to be contributors
  • to be resilient
  • to be innovative
  • to be culturally intelligent

Each of these whenu have identifed skills and knowledge that we teach our learners within meaningful and relevant contexts.

Learning Areas

Our learning areas are aligned with the New Zealand Curriculum. We teach and learn about the following;

  1. English
  2. Science
  3. Technology
  4. Maths
  5. Social Sciences
  6. The Arts
  7. Health and Physical Education (PE)
  8. Learning Languages (everyone learns te reo Maori in the first instance and other languages are currently provided through our co-curriculum opportunities).
  9. Co-Curriculum

At Peachgrove the identified  9th learning ‘Co-Curriculum’ is individualised to our kura. The Co-Curriculum learning area refers to all the opportunities we provide for our students.

PRIDE Values

Peachgrove PRIDE values are taught explicitly and are reinforced in all setting in our school. More information about this can be found under the information tab where we talk about our positive behaviours.

The PRIDE values are;

Positive in attiude

Respectful of self, others and property

Inclusive of all

Determined to do our best

Engaged in our learning

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